Fundraising Magic™ is a TWO-part program …

1.  A spectacular 90-minute all-ages MAGICAL REVIEW SHOW the whole family will enjoy, that comes fully equipped with everything needed to put on the show … lights, sound, backdrops and some truly amazing illusions … performed by a talented cast of professional performers.

2.  A guaranteed easy to follow, “fill in the blanks”, step-by-step FUNDRAISING SYSTEM that lets YOU decide how much you want to raise … AND includes all the tools you need to reach your goal.  It’s TURN-KEY, extremely user-friendly and has been developed, tested and proven to work through thousands of events put on for schools and community groups during the past 30 years.

“ EXCELLENT! We used your system from start to finish
…the event RAISED US $5,500! To organize our
fundraiser your system was all we required for planning and ideas. ”

- Janice Anderson, Sackville Guides & Boy Scouts - Sackville NB

It’s this system that’s been responsible for raising as much as $13,000 net profit for groups with a ONE DAY event.  (Generally, successful sponsors raise between $2,000 and $4,000, and there are many examples of this program raising $5,000 … $6,000 … $7,000 … $8,000 … $10,000+++ for groups).

What do groups that’ve used the Fundraising Magic™
system have to say about it?

Here are just a few highlights of what’s included in this amazing system …

  • ONE THING you can use to raise another $2,000 – $5,000 (or more) for your group with this event … BEYOND ticket sales!
  • How you’ll be able to involve a “local celebrity” (such as town mayor, school principal, athlete, radio or TV personality, etc) in a way that can easily raise thousands of extra dollars for your group!
  • How to get tons of publicity for the show in your community … FREE!
  • The two ways a “V.I.P.” ticket can be used to earn a mountain of extra money
  • How to get hundreds of volunteers eagerly rushing to promote your event for you
  • The unbelievable “FREE TICKET” strategy … how to leverage it into “full houses” yielding thousands of dollars!
  • How to get paid to print your show tickets (instead of ticket printing being an “expense”)
  • The RIGHT way to approach businesses for their support of your event
  • How to get FULL PAGE newspaper advertising for your event that won’t cost you a dime … it’ll MAKE YOU MONEY instead!!!

With this project plan you get …

  • A complete event organizer  – ALREADY DONE FOR YOU
  • promotional tools – ALREADY DONE FOR YOU
  • profit-maximizing strategies – ALREADY DONE FOR YOU

The Fundraising Magic™ Project Plan provides a “recipe” that takes you, by the hand, from your first committee meeting right through to the day of the show.

It shows you what to do, when to do it, how to do it … and is loaded with tried-and-true, road tested tools and strategies that’re not only proven successful … they’re guaranteed successful.

To see what’s included in the Fundraising Magic™ Project Plan and decide for yourself whether this program is right for your group, contact us today to receive your FREE INFORMATION KIT that’ll answer all of your questions and provide the details of EXACTLY HOW this system works to turn family fun into thousands of dollars!