Check out these excellent products and resources available from Abracadabra Show Productions

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The Ultimate Double Restoration Illusion

A perfect recreation of a classic stage illusion – Sawing a Lady in Half – that you can perform practically anywhere with things you can carry in your pocket!

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Magic Reading Book

With the snap of your fingers, the blank pages of a book magically fill with printed text … changing next to vivid coloured picture pages!

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Santa Appears

A half dozen astonishing ways to make Santa (or Guest of Honor) magically appear.

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Micky Hades Improved Finger Chopper

Recognized by leading authorities as the best version of this effect ever conceived.

A solid steel blade cuts a carrot or other object in its path, yet appears to pass harmlessly through a spectator’s finger.

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The most outrageous “Card in Orange” routine ever!

Over 5 minutes of hilarious entertainment as you “hypnotize” an orange and demonstrate its uncanny ability to read a spectator’s mind!

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A totally hip “3 Card Monte” routine

RAPPED up with an original musical soundtrack and catchy lyrics. 

Lyp-sync magic that’s fun & easy to perform!

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Rats Riddle

A tantalizingly twisted & ingeniously insane routine that’s perfect for MC’s, comedy magicians, kids entertainers and any performer wanting to add a light moment (with a truly magical impact) to their shows!

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The Great Lafayette

An amazing account of Houdini’s contemporary and the man once called “The Most Hated Magician Who Ever Lived” … a richly detailed look at magic during the Ragtime era.

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