“They laughed when I said I could get CORPORATE FEES from school

and community groups for only one hour

of strolling magic and a 45-minute platform act …”


But their laughter turned to amazement

when I started booking these gigs

at $1,695 a pop!!!


From John Kaplan



Dear Fellow Performer,


Do you crave the rewards that normally go only to those that perform in a corporate environment? 


Would you much rather entertain appreciative adult audiences instead of screaming kids?


Receiving fees much, MUCH higher than the typical birthday party or school assembly?


This amazing new system rakes in BIG BUCKS from a huge hungry market

performing when YOU want – for the type of audiences YOU want –

with the stuff you’re already doing!


So many of us dream about getting the exclusive top-dollar corporate gigs, but the harsh reality is that corporate entertaining is a highly competitive market with the “top dogs” getting all the great gigs and the really big money.


What if there was a way that you, too, could get corporate fees without fighting the competition?


Have an easy to sell, high-profit act with a HUGE market demand?


Let a proven turn-key system crank out an amazing income for you, performing only a couple hours?




INSTANTLY Transforms Your Act Into A “Dinner Theatre” Event That Earns You Corporate Fees From Schools & Community Groups!!!


            Schools and community organizations are forever starving for money.  This on-going need makes selling a proven, guaranteed fundraising opportunity one of the easiest sales you’ll ever make.  (I know, because I’ve made a great living doing just that for 25 years with my touring illusion show).


And guess what?


There’s no need to pack around a ton of props and equipment to cash-in on this growing demand, because now you’ll be able to sell your act at TOP DOLLAR to a huge market that’s hungry for exactly what you’ll be providing.


Listen, if you’re able to perform …


Ø     … close-up or strolling magic 

Ø     … a stand-up “platform” or banquet act

Ø     … mental magic or hypnotism

Ø      … stage magic on any scale


You’ll be able to almost INSTANTLY cash-in with this amazing system.


Introducing …



The Turn-Key Fundraising Magic™ “Dinner Theatre” Event

That Raises Up To $10,000 Or More For School & Community Groups


I’ve taken my Fundraising Magic™ formula (which has been a runaway success with my family magic shows) and tweaked, adapted and applied it to an adult dinner theatre program … one that really ROCKS!!!


“The “Night Magic” program is fantastic!  I plan on adding it to my offerings immediately …thanks for sharing your great ideas, John!

- Michael Messing

Knoxville, TN


I’ve been booking Night Magic shows (at $1,695 a pop!) throughout western Canada for a couple of years now. 


How does $1,695 for a couple hours “work” sound?  PLUS a FREE banquet dinner!!!


Performing these gigs year-round, at dates of your choosing?



Tradeshow performers typically have to “man the booth”

for 8 hours (or more) … Night Magic allows YOU to earn as much as some of those guys do – in a fraction of the time!

Now, just before I pull back the curtain and reveal exactly what the Night Magic program is all about, let’s take a look at a …




Case History


Summerland is a small town located in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.  It has a population of just under 11,000.  I booked a Night Magic event for Glenfir School there that took place on Saturday, March 8th 2003.


Shortly after confirming the booking and sending the Night Magic Project Kit to my sponsor, I received a very excited email from the event coordinator, Pam Collingwood. 


Here’s what Pam had to say …


“Hi John,


Your Night Magic Project Kit is awesome!  I received it less than a week ago … following your system I just made $400 in one phone call to get someone to sponsor our tickets and put a coupon on the back for their business. Yippee! 


Our show date is over 2 months away and we’re already making money!  I expect this event to be very successful for us … and a lot of fun!  Thank you!”

-          Pam Collingwood, Glenfir School

Summerland BC


Very successful??? 


I’ll say … Night Magic went on to raise them a net profit of $10,000!


“It was GREAT!  Everyone had an absolutely wonderful time at Night Magic …one person just about had an accident they were laughing so hard!!!  People laughed so hard they had tears.  Night Magic raised us $10,000!

- Pam Collingwood, Glenfir Schoool

Summerland BC




            As you no doubt realize, Glenfir School’s success with this event was NOT a matter of luck.


It was the Night Magic Project Kit – a proven, guaranteed step-by-step system – that I provided them.  They simply followed the plan.

And it’s this exact same system that’s being handed to you on a silver platter so you can go out and earn corporate fees with Night Magic in your market!


A Value-Packed “Two-In-One” Program That Gets You The Gigs

… and guarantees your clients’ success


Your Night Magic Program License is a complete “magic-business-in-a-box”.  Everything you need to find and get the gigs you want.  And, everything your clients need so they can be highly successful with the event.


Here’s what you’ll be receiving …


â        “Books Gigs Like Crazy” Marketing Toolkit


This is my complete system for selling this program. It contains absolutely everything you need to sell it in your market, including …


ü      How & Where to find thousands of groups so eager for what you’re offering

             they’ll be falling all over themselves to hire you!


ü      High Response Lead Generators … ads, advertorial, flyer, postcard – copyright

             free and easily tailored for your immediate use.


ü      Ready-To-Use Sales Letter … yes, the actual proven-in-the-field letter I’ve been

             using to sell this program in my market area.  The exact same letter that

             sold my $10,000 Glenfir School client and all my other Night Magic



ü      Complete Booking System, sponsor communication & follow-up … including

             sample documents, forms and templates that you can customize

             immediately for your own use.


ü      How To Acquire mountains of testimonials and reviews quickly and easily


ü      Special Free Reports you can use to boost response and cinch the sale!


ü      Everything provided both as hard copy and on disk


In short, you’ll have all the tools required for opening the floodgates to a massive amount of NEW, high-profit bookings in an expanding market for the act you’re already doing.


      Now it’s time for the SECOND PART of this system to kick in …




â        Fundraising Magic™ Night Magic Project Kit


This is the complete step-by-step event plan that GUARANTEES your clients’ success.  It’s been proven time and again, year after year, client after client during my 25 years of doing fundraising performances on behalf of school and community organizations. 


This is the actual Project Kit that enabled Glenfir School to raise $10,000 with their Night Magic event.


Very simply, it WORKS.


And, your Night Magic Program License entitles you to provide this exact same Project Kit to YOUR clients – copyright free, for as long as you wish.


            Here’s what you’ll be getting …


þ       Original Night Magic Poster … designed by a professional graphic artist, just drop in your name and photo (this tool alone could easily cost you 3 times or more what you’ll be investing in this program license!!!)


þ       Advertising Tools, flyers, studio-produced radio commercial, promo pieces … everything your sponsors’ll need to promote the Night Magic dinner theatre event … again, EXACTLY what my own clients receive.


þ       Night Magic Project Guide Manual and resource directory that comes to your sponsors’ rescue and shows them precisely how to run the event, step-by-step … from finding a hall to providing the meal!  Reveals all the secrets to running a super-successful event, including …


è      10-Step Action Plan to having a phenomenally successful event

è      How to get the banquet hall for little or no up-front cost

è      What things they should absolutely insist upon from the hall

è      How to get the meal catered or save money by running it themselves

è      What to put on the menu

è      Beverage sales before, during and after the meal


This outstanding Project Guide Manual is jam-packed with success strategies.  (You read about the “Ticket Back Coupon” strategy in the Pam Collingwood email … it’s just one of over 30 Piggyback Fundraisers that sponsors can choose from to drive their earnings from this event through the roof).


YOU’LL ALSO GET the complete Night Magic Project Kit On Disk I provide my own sponsors … the very same one they use to raise up to $10,000 or more with this event!



Did I mention that this package entitles you to the full, unlimited LIFETIME rights to utilize the Night Magic logo and poster design? 


And the radio commercials? 


And the ads, flyers and sales letters? 


ALL the promotional materials are yours to use, copyright-free … FOREVER!!!  


Turns Any Banquet Into A Magical “Dinner Theatre” Event


Besides the entertainment you’ll be providing, the Night Magic Project Kit makes it super-easy for your client to transform a run-of-the-mill banquet into a mesmerizing, magical, memorable evening.


In addition to the promotional materials and event plan in my client Project Kit, a selection of easy-to-do magic tricks is also included … enough for around 100 place settings.  (I offer to supply my clients more as required, creating the opportunity for a nice little supplemental income stream as a bonus).  These dinner-table magic tricks are a huge hi-light of the evening, as the guests “amaze” each other during the meal!


Your Night Magic Program License contains samples of all the magic tricks I provide, along with a Resource Directory for where you can obtain them in bulk quantities dirt-cheap.


There are also samples and resources provided for decorationseven music selections – included in your kit … again, making it super-easy for your clients to create a magical atmosphere at their Night Magic event.


“The Night Magic promotion is excellent and requires only strolling magic and a club act!  I easily adapted your dinner theatre concept to my hypnosis show … as always everything was more than expected and first class all the way … thanks!”

- Rick Allen

Fostoria, OH


The Night Magic Project Kit Puts This Event On “Auto-Pilot”

… once it’s in your client’s hands, all you need do is show up for the gig (and enjoy a delicious banquet meal!)


            That’s the beauty of this program.


            There’s nothing for you to “develop”.  No time-consuming, costly trial-and-error testing.  All that’s been done for you.  This has already been taken to market, proven in the field, and above all else … is GUARANTEED.








As with ALL of the materials I offer, the Night Magic Program License is confidently guaranteed for 90 days.  You’re completely satisfied, or send it back for a full refund of the program cost, less shipping.


            This is the guarantee I offer to you on your investment. 


            And, armed with the potent Night Magic Project Kit, you’ll also be able to offer a rock-solid guarantee (as I do) to your clients.  (My dynamite “triple guarantee” is revealed in the program … it’s another of the little gems I utilize to skyrocket my bookings and again, is yours to use copyright free).


This sounds fantastic, John … what’s the Bottom Line?


Certainly, in other markets a program license of this type would easily sell for several thousand dollars.


It really should be selling for no less than $1,695 – the amount required for a single booking to return your entire investment in a program that you can continue to sell for years to come.


It strikes me that’s an extremely reasonable price just for the copyright-free use of all the Night Magic program marketing materials and full performance rights.  When you add-in all the extra Project Kit materials you’ll be able to provide to your clients, it’s an incredible value (shucks, it cost me nearly that much that just getting the poster designed).


As is the case with several of my other programs, the price will increase in the near future.  However, through this limited release you can jump in on the action at a fraction of it’s true value, making it possible for you to NEARLY TRIPLE YOUR INVESTMENT with your very first booking!


            This truly is a no-brainer.  You get a proven successful, GUARANTEED “magic business-in-a-box” program – complete with everything you need to go out and sell right away and for years to come – at a fraction of what you can earn from your very first booking.  But, you’ll have to hurry before the price goes up.


            You’ll have to agree, I’ve saved you countless hours of development time in putting this program together.  I’ve poured 25 years of experience into the creation of a fundraising plan that’s proven to work.  And I’ve already absorbed the production costs of creating top-notch marketing materials and promotional tools. 


Seriously … unless you enjoy “re-inventing the wheel” or spending time where you don’t have to, there’s really no good reason at all for you not to take advantage of the incredible value this plug-and-play Night Magic Program License offers.


Order right away – before this limited release opportunity expires – and you’ll also receive these valuable Bonuses


Ý     BONUS#1      The $10,000 Phone Interview

Following the Glenfir School event, I conducted a telephone interview with Pam Collingwood to get an insider account of their fabulous success with this program ... the steps they took to promote it, how they organized it and most importantly, how the Project Kit materials guided them to a home run.  You’ll receive a written transcript of that conversation.  This success story is an “instant testimonial” you can use to sell the show to your own clients!


Ý     BONUS#2      “How To Get Tons Of Publicity For Your Next Event …Free!”      

This Special Free Report is a great tool for slam-dunking your Night Magic sales!  Information in this valuable report has been gleamed from a variety of sources, including programs I’ve invested hundreds of dollars in.  You’ll be able to provide it to your clients (as an added incentive or bonus) to help “close the deal” and guarantee their success with your Night Magic event.


Own Your Night Magic Program License NOW and start earning Corporate Fees performing the act you’re already doing!!!


This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to cash-in big with your magic.  The program is already proven, and it’s ready to go. 


John Kaplan


PS:  Remember, the entire system is turn-key … everything is broken down and explained in detail AND you receive all the tools and templates you need to INSTANTLY transform your act into a “Dinner Theatre” event capable of raising thousands of dollars for school and community groups AND fetching you a big fat “corporate” fee ... without competing against the “top dogs”.


PPS:  If you do strolling close-up, platform magic, mentalism, hypnotism or stage magic of any kind, the Night Magic Program License opens up a HUGE new market for you.  Will you seize the opportunity?   


“John, you did it again!  Another awesome pack of valuable info!  … your material on CD and allowing the reprinting is worth every penny I paid.  Can’t wait to put this material to work for me!  Thank you!!!”

- Brad Ross

Scotch Plains, NJ

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