It’s back.
Recognized by leading authorities as the best
version of this effect ever conceived.
Finger Chopper

"Close-up magic’s Grande Illusion"
- Jonathan Pendragon
"The Hades Chopper is the best… the NIKON of Finger Choppers!"
- Paul Green
"This is a wonderful prop… a real miracle… I recommend it"
- Michael Close,
MAGIC review
"The same finger chopper used by Harry Anderson… beautifully made, highly recommended"
- Phil Willmarth,

A solid steel blade cuts a carrot or other object in its path, yet appears to pass harmlessly through the performer's or a spectator’s finger.
The blade can be removed from its case and examined
by the spectator before and after the effect ... no clue to the mystery will be discovered.


"This is a high quality prop that is very deceptive. A wonderful piece of equipment with a diabolical method"
- Danny Orleans,
GENII review

Worldwide manufacturing rights exclusive property of John S. Kaplan. Handcrafted in
wood and built to meet the exacting demands of the working professional.
Not for sale to minors.

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