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 RAISED $4,000! 


"Great Show!!! Your Project Plan is well laid-out and easy to follow... lots of fun for all ages."


Melita, MB

"Your show was entertaining to children, teens and adults. Very organized and professional!"

Kaslo, BC


  Hello, my name is John Kaplan

As a family entertainer, I've been "making magic" across Canada for over 20 years. Each and every year my program raises thousands of dollars for school and community organizations around the country.


Along the way, I've discovered the real secrets to putting on a hugely successful event that not only puts smiles on kids faces, but guarantees to make a ton of money for the group that sponsors the performance.

You see, I've developed a step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks fundraising system that takes care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy the show ... and put money in the bank. In fact, the Fundraising Magic program is so popular and successful that my show tours have been selling-out every season since 1996!

This fun-filled family event puts wonder, amazement and smiles on kids faces. It'll make your group look really terrific in your community, plus give you the opportunity to put BIG BUCKS in the bank...


Want to find out exactly how this program can turn family fun into thousands of dollars for your group? Just have a look around the site, and contact me for information on programs available for your area.